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Our goal is to get resolutions quickly and efficiently

Remove Damaging Content

Remove the defamatory content through different solutions and tactics. Whether your reputation or your business are under attack, we know what works and what often fails.

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Identify Anonymous Posters

With an 80%-90% success rate for positively identifying anonymous posters, we can help you identify your antagonists - often without court action.

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Investigations & Litigation Support

We refer you to qualified attorneys or collaborate with your litigation team in identifying subpoena points and preparing other electronic discovery requests.

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Pay For Performance Only

Having developed techniques and solutions simply not known or available to others, we are able to offer our services with a 100% money back guarantee.

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A Few Words from our Lead Investigator – Daniel Fleischer

The true key to solving any type of Internet Defamation cases is having the right team and resources. We has extensive experience investigating and rectifying offensive conduct occurring both overtly and anonymously. We understand how helpless victims may feel, and we can walk you through how our services may cease and ameliorate whatever offensive conduct from which you are suffering.

Many potential clients tell us that they have not been able to find anyone that can help them. Law enforcement or attorneys frequently don’t have an answer since they have seen very few (if any) of these cases. Often people hear, “there is nothing you can do about it”, or “it is civil matter so contact an attorney”, or “it is their first amendment rights”. Often we find that these victims have simply been mis-advised.

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Regardless if you are a defamation victim or if you are an attorney assisting a client, our cyber investigation company can help you. If you are facing an online defamation issue, the odds are we can help you when few others cannot.